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Originally Posted by SPauthentic84 View Post
Well thought out OP.

As a Cavs fans here are my few questions.

How is the Gilbert-Lebron relationship?

How will Cleveland welcome his possible return?

When he left, I felt the same after a break up. He left us for a better looking team. I went through the stages of denial, anger, depression, and now Im feeling like it wasnt so bad. If he wanted to get back together, I would probably be ok with it. I would have some trust issues and wouldnt want to get too excited at first so he doesnt break my heart again.

I wonder how other Cavs fans would receive it. Would Lebron have to say hes sorry and he missed us before we take him back?
One thing is true of Gilbert. He LOVES making money and isn't afraid to spend/invest it either. Proof in the casinos he's built in Ohio, purchasing Greek Town in Detroit among many other endeavors he has his hands in. So bringing LeBron back would do nothing short of making him and the Cavs A LOT of money. As far as Gilbert looking a like a fool, hey we all make dumb mistakes and say stupid a$$ things. He just happens to be on a much more grand and public forum. Psst, he has already admitted on Cavs broadcasts and in print that his "letter" was a mistake and he wishes he could take it back. Where is ESPN to report this part of the story? Bron Bron has came out and said pretty much the same thing about wishing he went about it another way and the great fans of the Cavs deserved better. For those that wish to say "won't happen, can't happen, Cavs fans are delusional" just look at the facts and you can't say there isn't a CHANCE which is what OP was saying all along.

Also, to the poster that said he doesn't think LeBron has or will put that much thought into, I strongly beg to differ. LBJ is so calculated with everything he does and says, I wouldn't be surprised if he has put MORE thought into than anything the OP said or anyone else on this board could come up with. Don't you think he has agents and handlers to get into all the specifics of this kind of thing as well. His agent by the way is, Rich Paul childhood buddy, who is based out of Cleveland, represents Tristan Thompson and is good friends with the Cavs and Gilbert. He was the only member of James' posse that had enough class to call Gilbert and inform the team prior to the "Decision" about what James had chosen to do.
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