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Originally Posted by SPauthentic84 View Post
Well thought out OP.

As a Cavs fans here are my few questions.

How is the Gilbert-Lebron relationship?

How will Cleveland welcome his possible return?

When he left, I felt the same after a break up. He left us for a better looking team. I went through the stages of denial, anger, depression, and now Im feeling like it wasnt so bad. If he wanted to get back together, I would probably be ok with it. I would have some trust issues and wouldnt want to get too excited at first so he doesnt break my heart again.

I wonder how other Cavs fans would receive it. Would Lebron have to say hes sorry and he missed us before we take him back?
The Gilbert & LeBron thing was blown out of proportion. Gilbert was a moron - everyone knew that - but he's also a billionaire for a reason. He doesn't let personal feelings dictate good business. If LeBron said he wanted to play with Kyrie then Gilbert would hand him a blank check. He'd probably limit the LeBron entourage a bit (as LeBron basically ran the Cavs before) but I also think LeBron is mature enough now to not handle things the same.

As far as Cavs fans - and I'm a season ticket holder - only the irrational ones don't want him back. It's like irrational Ohio State fans that would rather go 1-11 and beat Michigan - where as 90% of us would rather go 11-1 and lose to Michigan if that was the other option.

Ohio is over the LeBron thing. As mentioned he lives in Akron, still runs all his camps with his old HS coachs (all of whom also think he comes back), and generally represents Ohio very well with the way he handles himself.

Some of Cleveland is delusional - but those are the same fans that hate the Broncos because of John Elways 2 decades ago. The rational Cleveland fans only hate the Ravens and Steelers. Haha.
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