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Originally Posted by pingbling23 View Post
i just dont see it happening, the miami orginization is going to do everything they can to keep lebron and to build a dynasty. so far in two years, they are 1-1 in the finals and this year could easily be a third trip. i feel lebron will finish out his career in miami, the heat will eventually move wade if his production continues to decrease and they are not winning titles. the only time i see lebron going back to cleavland is when he is on the verge of retirement and he spends his final short contract playing/mentoring for the cavs.
But my response to this was in my other post...

Lets say the Heat win this year (very possible) - so he's got 2 with Wade/Bosh and the other filler players they have.

Are Wade/Bosh really better then Irving/Noel going forward? Lets say Noel can come in (hypothetically of course if we can draft him) and give you much better defense and rebounding then Bosh (and Noel is much better at both) - you're telling me that Wade is still good enough to be better then Kyrie?

Heat can't rebuild unless one of the guys goes away. Will they trade Wade? Trade Bosh?

Because if you, like I do, think Kyrie is better then Wade next year - the Cavs offer a better overall roster with LeBron then the Heat do with LeBron.

Just me personally - but I'd rather roll the dice with Kyrie/Top 3 pick/Waiters/Thompson/Zeller then I would with Wade/Bosh/Allen/Chalmers/League Minimum players.

Don't forget the Heat don't have 1st rounders (even if they would be really late ones) - they are the Cavs picks in 2013 and 2014 (and we can swap with LA in 2013 - the Heat don't have a pick at all - the Lakers would get the Heat pick if the Heat have a better record)

But I suppose that's what makes it interesting. Is the Miami team really a "Big 3" going forward if the Cavs can offer a better "#2" teammate then Miami can? And I firmly believe Kyrie will be better then Wade by next year if he isn't already.
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