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Obviously the X Factor in this whole post is Kyrie Irving. I don't think anyone, Cavs fans included, thought he'd be this good.

Imagine if the Cavs had taken Derrick Williams - then this whole thread would be at like a 1% chance of happening.

But with Kyrie being a Top 5-10 level player - and the way the Cavs have handled acquiring picks - and the fact that they'll have "one more" Top 5 pick before LeBron can opt out is like a perfect storm. One more awful year (and by awful you can see this team getting better and better they are just so young) is a good thing. We want one more awful year. One more Top 5 pick...if the Cavs get the #1 overall pick...

Instead of a bunch of old guys - LeBron would be looking at Kyrie Irving along with the #4 pick in Thompson, the #4 pick in Waiters, and the #1 pick - not to mention at least 4 additional 1st rounders going forward (Sacramento, Memphis, Lakers, Heat) - so that's like 8 first rounders if you include the Cavs own picks over the next 3 seasons the Cavs can add (or trade as obviously they can't add that many young guys)

Does it mean Waiters won't bust? Of course not. Does it mean Thompson ever develops an offensive game? Of course not.

But with Kyrie running the show - it opens up an entire world of options that the Cavs couldn't have necessarily seen when they got that #1 pick.
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