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BGS is a sham of a company. They probably have an undisclosed policy for employees to give more 9.5s and 10s to RCRs because those will likely be re-submitted for encapsulation as opposed to 9.5's and 9's which will probably be returned to raw. That equates to more grading fees for them ... we all have to remember they are a BUSINESS and don't really care about the hobby ... they care about making money. Therefore, they'll do whatever it takes to conform their business plan in a way to maximize profits. Marketing/business tactics at their best.

It's funny how much of a joke grading is in general, yet how much money people people make by grading and flipping. I don't get all of these buyers willing to pay 10x value on a card they could submit themselves for $8 and get the grade. Plus, what's a grade? If you want the card encapsulated ... get it encapsulated. I think high grade collections are for people with more addictive and perfectionist personalities ... I'm not shooting it down ... to each their own ... but I can't justify the insane premiums being paid for a gold label ... its asinine.
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