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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
BGS is a sham of a company. They probably have an undisclosed policy for employees to give more 9.5s and 10s to RCRs because those will likely be re-submitted for encapsulation as opposed to 9.5's and 9's which will probably be returned to raw.

It's funny how much of a joke grading is in general, yet how much money people people make by grading and flipping. I don't get all of these buyers willing to pay 10x value on a card they could submit themselves for $8 and get the grade. Plus, what's a grade? If you want the card encapsulated ... get it encapsulated. I think high grade collections are for people with more addictive and perfectionist personalities ... I'm not shooting it down ... to each their own ... but I can't justify the insane premiums being paid for a gold label ... its asinine.
Yeah, I agree that the premiums paid are crazy. That's the only reason I get cards graded. For my PC, I'm planning on getting them slabbed in SGC because the cases are thinner and I like the look. I don't even think I'll have them give a grade, just encapsulate.
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