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Default Vampire Diaries S2 3 Case Break Summary

Tough break (no Dobrev or Accola in 3 cases), even worse if you are trying to make a master set (better to just pick up single autographs since they are going so low for most of them). Here it is:

3 case break summary:

A2 Wesley Auto/wardrobe x2
A3 Somerhalder Auto/wardrobe

Regular Autos:
A4 McGiven
A5 Graham x2
A8 Trevino
A9 Davis
A10 Morgan
A11 Canning X2
A12 Gillies x4
A13 Mcmanus x2
A14 Kinney x3
A15 Cohan x3
A16 James
A17 Goodwin x3
A18 Ford x3
A19 Olivieri x2
A20 Walters x3

Dual Wardrobe:
DM1 Mason/Sheriff
DM2 Damon/Stefan
DM3 Elana/Stefan x3
DM5 Elena/Damon x3
DM6 Jeremy/Bonnie

M1 Tyler x3
M2 Caroline
M3 Caroline
M4 Mason
M5 Sheriff
M7 Damon
M8 Stefan x3
M9 Elena x2
M10 Damon x2
M11 Katerina x2
M12 Rose x3
M13 Jules
M15 Jeremy x3
M17 Katherine x2
M21 Caroline x3
M22 Jules x2
M23 Bonnie
M24 Luka x2
M25 Elena x2
M26 Mason x3
M27 Matt x2
M28 Sheriff x2
M29 Elena
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