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LOL! That's a good line... I can think of some far worse places in the eastern regions of the world (and I speak from experience on that), but again, point well taken.

For the most part, eBay has been a great experience. I was recently scammed for a little under $100, and it bothered me a lot... not about the money, but because I would never think to take advantage of someone like that. I was very very fortunate to have invested heavily in high end 1998 and 1999 products like SP Authentic and SPX in both football and basketball... I can't say anything else without sounding like I'm bragging, so I'll only mention one relevent transaction that helps me feel much better about my eBay experience when something bad happens. I bought a case of 1999 SPX football when it first came out, and in the very last box, maybe the second to last pack I pulled a Tim Couch auto rookie /500. If you don't remember him, it's for good reason... he was the number one pick that year from Kentucky who went busto almost immediately. Anyway, I sent it off to BGS (which was just starting out at the time) and it came back 9.5... first one to get gem mint, and the only 9.5 I had from that set for some reason. It sold for three times more than I paid for the case, and the guy who bought it, after receiving it, chastised me for letting it go so "cheap". I've sold maybe twenty cards that went for more than that one in my life, but that sale will always be my favorite for both saving me from that horrible case (6x Joe Germaine auto rookies, 3x Shaun King auto rookie redemptions that eventually ended up being good, but the point is beyond-bad collation) and for what the buyer said afterwards.

The only reason I mention the story is to acknowledge what a double-edged sword eBay has become... in the beginning, it was always a blessing considering how much money you could make with all that exposure. Although it's lost it's luster significantly in my eyes, all I have to do is think about that one Cleveland Brown fan who singlehandedly made eBay a worthwhile experience for good.
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