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Default My Jodie Meeks PC - The 1/1s

Hey guys!

First off please do not make this thread an argument over "why are you collecting him because he isn't that good" and how I am "wasting my money". I have received multiple PMs from people telling me I am an idiot and I do not appreciate it. I am not in this for the money. I am in this as a hobby and I love it.

I have been collecting Jodie Meeks ever since he went into the NBA and was playing for the Bucks. He then got traded to the 76ers and now he is playing limited minutes on the LA Lakers.

I started collecting him because I loved how he played in college. He played for Kentucky which is where I live. I am a die hard fan and he had a wonderful career here. My most memorable memory of him here was his record breaking night when he scored 54 points on TN.

I have accumulated around 95% of his cards (not including 1/1s) and continue to add to my collection every day. It has become sort of an obsession. I do not collect him as an investment. I never think he will be the "next big thing" and see him as a player who can come in and score a few points when needed.

I have not scanned all my cards but have a youtube channel where I made a video of my entire collection. If you wish to see it here is the link...

Jodie Meeks PC Showcase - YouTube

I wanted to give everybody a little teaser and show you the 1/1s I have as of right now so without further are the 1/1s....

PCs: Randall Cobb , Jacob Tamme, Tyler Eifert
Sets (Football): 2008 Press Pass Saturday Sigs
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