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Originally Posted by aggie4ever View Post
What's really sad is that I have no problem with the amount of effort put in by any of the artists that have posted here on BO, and I've been happy with all of the sketches I've pulled from them.
Here I go trolling Monkey's thread again I totally agree and unfortunately as I read things it looked like a couple of the very talented artists that put tons of effort into every pack card they do ended up taking a personal attack just because they were an artist trying to present the "artist's perspective" whether they agreed with it or not. It is clear that the internet is not the best place for friendly debate.

Originally Posted by monkeymcgee
Buying high and selling low is working out great for me
You'd be a great rip-n-flipper Seriously though... good luck with those sales. I think there are a lot of great cards there and eventually they will sell. As "good" Halls become more rare, the ones you have will come into demand! You are going to have to be a more patient seller than you were a buyer
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