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Default Autos/Patches/Jerseys 4 SALE OBO

All lots are up for grabs. All lots will have a price OBO. All lots are first come first serve. Whoever posts first gets the lot. I will be fair so if you pm me b4 someone I'll go in order. All lots will have shipping priced in. If you want anyone specific post on the thread and I'll do my best to come up with something.

Lot # 2 D Allen/ C Fleener
25 dlvd
Fleener Inception auto
Fleener Absolute patch /99
Fleener crown Paydirt / 149
Fleener momentum / 249
Fleener Inception 2 color / 210
Fleener sterling jumbo relic
Fleener chrome
Allen topps strata relic / 296
Throw in a allen topps chrome prism /216 (not pictured)

Lot 3 David Wilson
19 dlvd
Wilson Topps chrome tall boy
Wilson Absolute 2 color /25
Wilson Limited blue chips /49
Wilson Sterling jumbo relic

Lot # 4 Joe Adams/Mohamed Sanu
14 dlvd
Sanu Sterling jumbo relic
Sanu Topps Strata relic /296
Adams Topps chrome tall boy
Adams Absolute Jersey 3 color /50
Adams Certified patch /299

These cards here are being sold independently. First come first serve
Antonio Gates Limited Material Monikers auto/jersey 5/5 40 OBO
Brandon Weeden Momentum Prefferred Picks 6.00 OBO
Sam Bradford Plates & Patches Rookie auto/ 2 color patch 50 OBO
Darrelle Revis Limited Threads jersey /20 Pro bowl jersey 10 OBO
Philiph Rivers Limited Threads jersey /99 5.00
Chris Givens Inception auto 4.00
Tony Gonzales Elite Throwback /199 8.00 OBO
John Elway Certified Patch /99 10.00
Michael Floyd Certified auto/patch /399
Russell Wilson/ Turbin Head of the class /49 14.00
Devin Hester Elite patch /49 5.00
Blaine Gabbert Threads letterman auto /350 18.00
Dallas Clark Threads 2 color patch / 99 5.00
Justin Blackmon Momentum patch /249 5.00 Everything is OBO
I'll get back to you as soon as i can
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