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Default 5 pack break of 2012 Bowman Draft Buxton Auto?

Dropped by my LCS for his 10% off packs on Tuesday, grabbed a variety of bskb/fb packs and 5 last packs of 2012 Bowman Draft.
Notable hits
1 blue refractor - Tyler Gonzalez
1 base refractor - Julio Felix

Byron Buxton Under Armour All American /233
(Didn't know who the guy was until earlier today when I searched his name on ebay, all I knew was his autograph is really small and it bothers me before lol)

Auto is available, refractors were given away along with other base cards from packs.
eBay sellers beware, I will leave you a neutral if you don't at least include a toploader when shipping a card. Feel free to block me if you don't ship with a toploader or secured card holder. That is all.
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