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Default Blowout Cards Birthday Thread: February 2013 (Closed)

For members who are celebrating a Birthday in February:
Each month, we will pick a date at random. If your birthday is on that date...we'll send you a FREE Box of Cards ! . All you have to do is post your birthday in this thread. Once the month is over, we'll choose a date (or dates) at random. If your Birthday corresponds to that date chosen, please contact us with proof of your Birthday and we'll send you a FREE BOX of cards ! Just another perk of being a member of the Blowout Forums and a Thank You again for your continued Business !

Thanks to Everyone who participated in this Month's Birthday Thread. We have inputed the random generator for the Date (1-28). This month, we pulled 2 Numbers. The numbers that came up were 11 and 22 so EVERYONE who posted a birthday of February 11th or February 22nd please email and we will ship you out a FREE BOX !!!
(Please include your Name, Address, user name, proof of Birthday and what sport you collect!).
Thank you All for your continued business again.

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