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Originally Posted by mikeyp View Post
Why does it matter if he lost his a$$? Are people only supposed to post good breaks so we don't get a clear idea of what a product is like? Maybe you don't but I like to see all breaks so I know If a product is good or not, not just the good breaks. Your gonna bash him because he posted a bad break? You sir, are a tool!
I've had as many bad breaks as anyway prob and I still post everyone. Its not that, its the fact that he's made a numerous number of threads in the last 24 hours about prizm and they all pertain to his break. If you pull a 1/1 luck etc Idc, but he, didn't he pulled one good card. Theres no need to make 8 threads in this section about his break when its on the break forum. So actually you sir, are an ignorant person. Know all the facts before you jump in you d-bag.
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