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I have a situation with eBay/PayPal right now. I had an Xbox 360 game up for sale. A woman with a feedback of 6 (mine is 379 @ 99.7% positive) bought it with Buy-it-now on 2/12 and sent me $29 via PayPal. I shipped the game the next day via US Priority Mail. On the 14th, I get a message from PayPal telling me that the charges are being reversed because they believe this is a fraudulent transaction. The buyer has subsequently left me positive feedback.

I called PayPal and was told that because I didn't use delivery confirmation, I am not covered under their seller protection plan. I don't get it -- I was paid, I shipped, the money was taken away from me, positive feedback was left for me and now PayPal is saying I'm out $29 because of the buyer claim against me. Meanwhile, the buyer is not responding to my emails asking her to resolve this.

Granted, $29 isn't going to change my lifestyle, but the principle of it all has me P.O.ed.

Apologies to the original poster for my thread-jacking.
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