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I am the one who bought the Broyles from "her" on ebay. I should have checked first and would of realized that the Broyles wasn't even part of the autograph hot rookies set.. I was just so thrilled to of found it because right before that I got a Nick Toon which I had also never seen before.. I recently realized it was fake when I didn't see any panini guarantee on the back of the card and the auto sticker just said "authentic" and not "panini authentic" plus the autograph doesn't match any of Broyles real auto's.

I contacted the seller who swore to me that she got it out of a pack, once I provided more info that it was fake she threatened to have me suspended for harassing her. I reported her to ebay 2 weeks ago providing photo evidence it was a counterfeit I purchased but I have not yet received a refund or response... strange, because when I talked to ebay on the phone they were so insistent that they would act quickly on the matter and asked me to email proof.
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