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Originally Posted by stera8 View Post
To be honest. Two things make it worthless...

On the back. NOT VALID WITHOUT STICKER, there is no sticker

And that Beckett graded it. The slab says missing auto and sticker...I feel if it is a 1/1 and worth something, they would have put ERROR card like they do on some
I have asked Beckett about this with two other Topps baseball errors I have.

The other two cards are 2012 red refractors which should be serial numbered of /25 but aren't. I emailed Topps about those two cards and Topps did respond and basically said they are error cards.

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Error Cards?

I then emailed Beckett to ask how we could get these cards included in their online price guide or in print price guide since Topps did confirm they were errors and was told they were unsure if that would be possible. They did forward my email to the analyst who handles that stuff I guess but made a comment they might not include them because they are only serial numbered cards missing the serial numbers and that happens all the time.

I am unsure if I were to send them in for grading if they would be labeled as errors or just labeled as missing the serial numbers.

I will have to try and ask Beckett how they choose to include errors in their price guide and I agree that if this arod card doesn't ever get fixed it should be listed as an error perhaps in the guide and also on the BGS case.
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