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Bowman Quality Control Manager: Sir, I'm afraid we've ballsed up.

Bowman CEO: Really? Go on...

BQCM: We've issued the ultra-rare A-Rod auto'd Superfractor 1/1 but there are a couple of minor faults.

CEO: What faults exactly?

BQCM: Well sir, we forget to affix the authentication stickers.

CEO: Not the end of the world.

BQCM: And we kind of forgot to get him to sign it.

CEO: No problem, he signs loads for us. Send it off to him, he'll return it post haste. Is that all?

BQCM: Not quite, sir. We forgot to superfract it.

CEO: Ah, what the heck. Realease it anyway. Unless Dave Peters pulls it, I doubt anyone will notice.
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