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Originally Posted by Brobocop View Post
Did they post these hit ratios in other products with auto/wardrobe cards? I don't remember seeing anything like that for The Vampire Diaries.
Vampire Diaries is their first product with auto/wardrobe cards and they made it clear they were 1 per case. They seem to be much better with collation now, not a single break I've seen had anything but 1 auto/wardrobe, and it was uncommon to see a break that had duplicate auto's or wardrobes within a case.

I do hope the auto/wardrobes are a bit easier than 1 per case with 7 different ones. With production about double that of Vampire Diaries and a shorter autograph list (13 as opposed to 18 non auto/wardrobes) case breaks could start looking very similar apart from the auto/wardrobe. Still, the autograph checklist looks much stronger than the first release and the release looks to be a great one.
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