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Default Another Ebay Buyer acting a fool!!! steelersfan985

Sold a $5 Absolute Coby Fleener auto jersey card to steelersfan985.

After 24 hours, he claims that he can not pay me through checkout.

I told him pay me directly as goods purchase via paypal and gave him my account name.

He then replied saying just cancel the transaction.

I replied saying I will not do so since I provided him with a solution and he chose not to exercise it.

He then replied that he called ebay and ebay said my paypal account has a problem... (which is not true as I have been receiving payment w/o any issue since the auction ended from other buyers) and then threaten to give me a neg feedback if I don't cancel it.

BINGO!!! Reported to Ebay ASAP, thank you very much...

What a clown!!!

Funny thing is, if he just came out and said he didn't want the card, I would've cancelled the transaction. But since he wants to lie, I am standing my ground....
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