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Originally Posted by ceczerwonka View Post
Very nice pick up. I have been looking at this one for my collection:

1 1 NFL Logo Shield Brandon Lloyd BGS 8 5 1 1 National Treasures | eBay

I don't know if it belongs to anyone on here, but the price is definitely high. I put an offer in back in September and it was declined. Not even a counter.

Back to your card. I like the Vick more than the Nnamdi one, but I think it's because of the NFL logo used on the card.
Thanks man! Hope you get that Lloyd! LOL it's always frustrating when someone has a PC card, and they're asking far too much for it.

I also LOVE the usage of the full logo shield more than anything. Personally, I really don't like it when they only use the small NFL logo...I want the full shield! It looks so much better!

Well, if you can, I'd definitely go for it. The NT logo shield set is gorgeous, and guess what? They're ACTUALLY game worn!
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