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Originally Posted by dizzyduff13 View Post
My question is why are all of this guys posts edited like this? Did I miss something?
That is suspicious, could be they are working together on this scam however I don't remember reading anybody agreeing with this nut Dave Peters.

Originally Posted by Michigan300rum View Post
Not saying your wrong or right but why if its the superfractor does it look like a base card minus the auto it should atleast have the superfractor part right? I haven't read anything about Topps saying oops we accidentally let a A-Rod throwback out minus the stickers, auto and superfractor if anyone finds it its a 1/1 but I have found a pic of a few of the 2005 Bowman Chrome Arod Throwback Superfractor's non auto again not my card just a pic I found shouldn't it look like this minus the stickers and auto if it was a superfractor error?
Well this crazy nut bag believes his is the all famous 1/1 "non superfractor" autograph card which may or may not exist. THE(NEXT)LEVEL seems to believe that there is one. I can't seem to find any stated odds or checklist that mentions this non superfractor '94 autograph. However there is no evidence that this is a 1/1 card, as there is no stamping of any kind to prove that it is. IT WAS BACKDOORED!

Dave Peters is either...
1. A troll
2. A terrible scam artist
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