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Originally Posted by duwal View Post
as it has been proven in the previous thread you card is NOT the one that is 1:614088 packs. That would be the superfractor parallel of this, there were also xfractor and refractor parallel autographs of these. They were ALL serial-numbered on the back as well as have the appropriate wording of which variation it was listed under the number. Now you had it graded in which Beckett does not state it to be a 1/1 or serial-numbered at all which further disproves your claim.

And its not some of us that disagrees with you, it is everyone here, every website online, the company that graded your card and the company that produced that card yet you still seem to want to be in this mystery land where you think the card is more than it is. The other issue is as you keep on arguing...its Alex Rodriguez....his prices are dropping fast and the card you have is losing value week after week

I am not sure everyone agrees and for those that keep saying what card it isn't I don't think anyone has said what card it is.

I still say this is the 2005 Bowman Chrome A-Rod Throwback Autographs 94A-AR card. You and others say it is not this card so I ask again what card do you think it is?
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