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Even though it says odds are 1 per case for the main 7 autos, I reckon some cases will still have more. Season 1 cases were getting 1-3 of the main cast, so I'm guessing the same will happen with this set. But Cryptozoic just guarantee 1 per case so they don't get a whole bunch of emails when people don't get more in a case. The same as they are only guaranting 1 wardrobe per box, yet they said it's most likely that most boxes will have 2. Just to cover their bases and not have hundreds of emails saying they didn't get this number of cards in their boxes/ cases.
So I'm still going on the idea that you'll get at least one of the main cast in a case, but most likely 2 or even 3. Only time will tell.
Hope I'm right otherwise a master set will be almost impossible and super expensive for most.
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