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Originally Posted by checkoutmydeals View Post
What, in your opinion, is the buyer supposed to do?

There isn't a mechanism for alerting the seller to a potential listing / pricing error.

There isn't a mechanism for determining who you purchased a card from if you didn't make an offer.

If you did make an offer, there isn't a mechanism for finding a particular offer among all the thousands of offers you have ever made or received.

There isn't a mechanism for contacting a seller and asking if they want their card back.

There isn't a mechanism for allowing a particular seller to repurchase their card.

And how would the buyer know that the seller does want the card back? Lots of sellers would price a $60 BV card at $10 right off the bat. Or they might price it at $20 and advertise that they accept 50% offers. How are they to know that this was even an error?
What I do in such circumstances:
Pass on the card, and report the listing error.

What some buyers do, according to Steve at COMC:
Buy the card and report the listing error to COMC customer service so it can be transferred back to the seller. (IMO this is way above and beyond the call of duty.)

What I would not do:
Buy it.

What would you do?

FWIW, I disagree with your suggestion that "a lot of sellers" would list that particular card at $10 (or at $20 with a sale). Yes, some cards with a BV of $60 go for $10. This card, however, was released less than two months earlier, and is selling briskly on eBay at $45-$50 delivered. Nobody breaks a brand new product, goes to the trouble of shipping to COMC, and then prices a card for one fifth of what they can get on eBay.
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