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Originally Posted by Dragonman View Post
Im with you Coco,I am stricly vintage and you cant really flip cards in the bad buckets.So i dont even look in them and probably never will. It is without question the worst idea/change COMC has come up....As for when they will be finished it looks like they are wrapping up the 1950's.So a long way from now
I don't deal with vintage a lot, but this setup is really confusing. Why do we need separate listings for the same card that nobody is going to look at? Why not just list the grade under each card in a single listing?

Originally Posted by aric88 View Post
Am I going crazy or do we have book prices on the new COMC now? Is this going to stay?
I think we are still waiting on an explanation for this. We were told forever that book prices were going away. Now, book prices for every card have made their way into comc without explanation.

Separately, I would like to ask why sorting by "Highest Percent Off" is still completely broken. It feels like it has been broken for over a year now and doesn't seem like a hard thing to fix.

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