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I am new to this thread and the entire topic. Personally I think everyone has gone overboard, including you, and this topic has snowballed into something beyond what is necessary.

I am going to tell you what any sane appraiser or "expert" of sports memorabilia would tell you: There is NO WAY to prove or disprove that only one of these cards made their way into the market. Topps' statement years back should be enough to tell you that ANYTHING is possible. Whether they stuck together, whether they were factory demos never meant to be released, whether they are an error, whether 1 exists or whether 101 exists....NOBODY KNOWS. For you to say that your card is 100% THE 1/1 Arod that was meant to be auto'd is a complete error of judgement on your part and probably the reason that Topps has not entertained you in the past beyond offering a different Arod auto to replace.

The absence of proof doesn't thus prove the opposite case. The absence of proof that God exists doesn't thus prove that he doesn't. Your logic is "since I can't prove that my card ISN'T a 1/1, then I will assume that it IS a 1/1 until somebody shows me otherwise". Now that's silly.

I won't continue to argue back and forth beyond this post. I truthfully don't care one way or the other but I tend to be an objective thinker so I almost felt obliged to say something.
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