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Originally Posted by whodeynation765 View Post
Awesome, how do you win Spots 1-6?
NEW! Here's how we will determine the Giveaways tied to Player Performance:

Example) Joe Flacco Total Passing Yards

Let's say Joe Flacco ends up throwing for 365 total yards in Super Bowl XLVII. At the end of the game, match the last two digits of his Total Passing Yards (365) on the grid. Go to the AFC top row of numbers (ACROSS) and find the number 6. Then go to the NFC left column of numbers (DOWN) and find the number 5. Find where these two numbers intersect on the grid. The name of the participant in that square gets the Joe Flacco Total Passing Yards Giveaway - 2008 Leaf Limited Football Hobby Box!

*To determine the spot on the grid for all Player Performance Giveaways, we will always begin with the AFC Numbers (ACROSS) followed by the NFC Numbers (DOWN).
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