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Originally Posted by Ray27Ray52 View Post
I always feel a little less cynical about life everytime I read one of your threads Josie. I love how the simplest things in life get you excited. I wish I could have your optimism in life and in general.
Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. It took me a long time to get to this place in my life.

Originally Posted by thebear29 View Post
Sounds like a great day, but those play areas in the mall scare the hell out of me!!! It's like they are a breeding ground for things like hand, foot and mouth disease, pinkeye, and any other disease.

My day has been okay, It went from 68 degrees yesterday to 24 today. I had to go put the snow plow back on the jeep. We are closing one of our businesses today, but it's more of a relief than anything. My daughter is 29 points from her 1000. She is also oficially valedictorian of her class. My wife is nagging more today than usual, but in one ear and out the other.
She is probably just worried about something that isn't even at all related to the nagging. That is great news about your daughter. Yes, I am totally ready for spring!

Originally Posted by Nodie27 View Post
Sounds like a day well spent.

*Today I dragged myself out of bed and thought about calling in
*Sat in a meeting with management to hear them go over our audit results.

So far a pretty exciting's only been 2 hours that i've been here!!!!! HELP!
I am not sure how you didn't fall asleep in that meeting! You should reward yourself for making it through the day!

Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
Amen to that...
Thank you.

Originally Posted by MikeWilliamsFan View Post
I had midterms today
I hope you did well.

Originally Posted by bbcardsrgreat View Post
The absolute best time i had with my son is when my wife sent us on a bus trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame to see the induction of Cal Ripken & Tony Gwynn the first time we were together alone on a trip, while we were there we went to the golf course where my son was able to get an autograph of Ryne Sandberg later in the day i spent the money for him to meet Willie Mays and my son was able to talk with the all-time great for a good twenty minutes. Other autos he got were Duke Snider, Joe Morgan, he got a complete stat ball from Jim "Mudcat Grant" and he also acquired Rob Dibble during a break in his xm radio show all together it was the most excited he has ever been of course now that he is a moody teenager he really doesn't talk to me anymore but i will never forget that trip to the Hall of Fame together
That sounds like a great day! Don't worry, soon he will be an adult and value your relationship. It is hard when you are going through so many changes you think you can navigate on your own.
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