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Originally Posted by dreamweaver1984 View Post
the margins were slim as it was, i dont know of any hobby shops that were complaining that they couldnt sell it for LESS.. i mean we dont want to sell at a loss ever.

I think its good for those who want to move a bunch of overstock, but you would need to be a super high volume dealer to be in that position anyway.

I think that Customers believe the markups to be greater than they are. some shops do mark up things more than others, I try to be the lowest in lexington ky, but i rarely ever sell anything at a loss, granted i only stock what i know i can sell and then restock as i sell more..
I hear ya man, my LCS owner and I have plenty of discussions about the actual costs of purchasing product from card companies, he's told me what direct cost is to him (I really don't care, I'll pay MSRP for Hobby Direct cases) and he makes way more on cards that walk into his store than the boxes of new product. MAPP directly forced people to pay MSRP and not cut the knees out from under card stores, now people want something for nothing online and still bitch.

I think a lot of people would be shocked at how little card store owners make on boxes, it's a shame so many card stores of the past rip people the hell off by charging way to much on a per-pack basis. (Of course I only buy unopened boxes so that isn't an issue for me).
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