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Default Why it pays to go to all LCS and look in $1 boxes!!

So yesterday I decided to go to a LCS I never go to, since they never carry anything, and are probably just making it because of all the card games.
He had a few Saga #8 on the shelf for cover so I bought them, and also a Hawkeye #3 and Bedlam #1 for cover. I asked him the usual mumbo jumbo....any Saga, or Peter Pan back issues....he proceeds to tell me he cannot sell anything Image and I might take a gander in the $1 boxes to see if there are any in there...there were 12 of them, so after a long sigh, I decided to.....alot of $h!t in them.....but then also found these.

and also these! I could not believe it........I felt like I just stole something. The owner was really happy I found two in the boxes....and he had no clue.

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