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Originally Posted by CollectorMan View Post
Most of us here sell on eBay, but can these endless problems ever be fixed? Or will they ever be fixed? With so many fakes relics/autos from sports and non sports being sold, it's like walking in a mine field. Not to mention that shilling seems to be a welcome and accepted practice despite the questionable morality of it. It's totally out of hand.

I'm curious how long this hobby will continue to put up with it especially considering eBay has continuously shown no compassion for sellers or cheated buyers. Yes Paypal does offer protection, but it's clearly not good enough.

Sorry for the rant but I was curious if anyone else is completely discouraged by feebay like me. COMC has been very good to me, and I believe this type of site is the future of the hobby. Not trying to bash eBay because for the most part it has also been very good to me, but I feel really bad for anyone just starting out because it's so dangerous for people who don't know what to look for.

Does a viable auction site other then EBay even exist or are they basically Microsoft at this point?...Completely infallible of legit competition. I'd love to hear opinions.
I agree with everything you said about Ebay. I have over 7K cards on COMC now as a result but have some concerns there as well. What would happen if they were to declare bankruptcy or close up shop? No way to recover funds or cards. I hate the cashout fees, the quarter up front plus the quarter per card on shipping seems already high enough. For now I am all in at COMC but I am pretty nervous still.
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