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Originally Posted by luck15hope View Post
Dave, go back and look at my long post and how I interpreted "misprints" and "error" cards. Beckett has not recognized this card as an error, because it was not an error. I believe Topps knows that they caught this misprint prior to the card being inserted into a pack and fixed it, but somehow the misprint still made its way into a pack. Topps may legitimately not know how it ended up in a pack, however I think they do know it wasnt supposed to be. If there never was a superfractor autograph made, and your card was indeed the only superfractor autograph that was meant to be produced and it made its way into a pack like this going unnoticed, then it would be entitled to the "error BGS label" that you so much desire. But I believe that Topps knows there is a legit Superfractor out there, and that is why yours is not an "error" and simply a misprint. Also I believe ( and Im sure you agree this to be true as well or you would have sent the card to Topps a long time ago) that if you were to send the card back to topps for an equal value replacement, they would end up keeping your card(since they never meant for it to make it out) and sending you something in the realms of a real AROD autograph. However, you have made it clear that that would not be acceptable to you because you feel that yours should be valued at the card with the odds of 1:600,000 packs, and that you should get a replacement accordingly. You wouldnt be entitled to a replacement valued at the card of those odds because I believe that Topps knows that the TRUE card with those odds is still out there.

To me if a card has a misprint it is an error. The misprint would be the error.

But first things first, I need to find out from Topps if there was a superfractor version and then go from there.
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