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Originally Posted by bogeyfreeround View Post
We have seen BGS grade trimmed cards, fake cards that have replaced patches, or even fake sig cards like the ones from buybacks in bowman origins. They as the "authenticator", or "experts" are running a different business than topps. Topps produce cards, they have no reason to deal with what beckett does I believe. If Beckett has to contact Topps for every little thing, what does that say about thier business, thier expertise goes out the door doesn't it? So as professionals, they have information that is released and goes by what is presented to them.

I have no information about them grading cards like you said but I feel pretty confident that if I had a counterfeit or backdoored or stolen card it would not be graded by BGS.

I would also hope that if Beckett had a question about a card they would research it and or reach out to the company to inquire about it. Nothing shameful in asking a question about something if you don't know the answer.
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