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Originally Posted by luck15hope View Post
OK, now with that card, you could hold Topps accountable for a replacement of the same card or even hold them accountable to get that card signed in the same way you are trying to get the Arod signed and witnessed by them, because they applied their guarantee. If the card HAS the sticker, then that means it was legitimately supposed to be an actual autographed card that was truly sent to the proper player but may have accidently been stuck to another and mistakenly not signed. However, because your AROD has no sticker, that means it was never meant to be signed in the first place and has no guarantee

I see what you are saying but still somewhat disagree. The lack of an autograph on a certified autograph card trumps all else in my opinion.

The stickers on these older cards are just that stickers. Topps has confirmed the numbers on the hologram stickers don't mean anything and are not matched to any specific card.

The reason I know this is because I have two Topps basketball cards that are exactly the same. Both the same cards with both the same serial numbers (01/19) and the only difference on them is the numbers on the hologram.

When I asked Topps about the numbers on the hologram to look up each card to verify and see what happened I was told that would not be possible as the numbers on the hologram have no meaning.
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