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Originally Posted by davepeters239 View Post
I see what you are saying but still somewhat disagree. The lack of an autograph on a certified autograph card trumps all else in my opinion.

The stickers on these older cards are just that stickers. Topps has confirmed the numbers on the hologram stickers don't mean anything and are not matched to any specific card.

The reason I know this is because I have two Topps basketball cards that are exactly the same. Both the same cards with both the same serial numbers (01/19) and the only difference on them is the numbers on the hologram.

When I asked Topps about the numbers on the hologram to look up each card to verify and see what happened I was told that would not be possible as the numbers on the hologram have no meaning.
See Dave I do believe that your card was pulled from a pack, and it was a quality control issue, but how do we not know a printing employee didn't take these out of production just to sell them on a secondary market. Saying he/she pulled it out of a pack. I work at a printing company. I have a lot of print press operators that use to print up cards for various companies. They said there were strict rules about taking any cards or uncut sheets home of printing mishaps, or printing test. It does take a lot of time to get a print press to get up to speed for temperture, ink , and all the other factors that goes into getting the cardboard right. They told me about how many error or uncut sheets they have sitting at home. None of them collect but they still have all of these cards. In that case even if the cards were inserted or not inserted, was a printing mishap, and you don't know how many were released in packs or taken from the printery. So in logic we don't know how many were inserted or if they were inserted at 1: 6 billion packs. I can see topps trying to make this right for you with an autograph, they don't know how many were released so how can they compensate for something they have no idea of?
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