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Default Contest! FREE Eric Gordon GREEN PRIZM parallel

I am giving away the only Green Prizm card I have left (Eric Gordon).

Each member may enter the contest ONE time only! All guesses must be posted in this thread by the end of the day on Thursday, February 7th. I will announce the winner shortly after. The first person to answer correctly or come the closest will win.

Here is what you need to do:

I recently opened a box of 1992-93 Stadium Club Series 2 basketball cards. You need to guess how many of each of the following cards I received in the box:

Shaquille O'Neal Member's Choice
Shaquille O'Neal RC
Michael Jordan Member's Choice
Alonzo Mourning RC
Latrell Sprewell RC

If you would like, you can just copy and paste this list and enter the number of each I received in the box.

FYI: The box contained 36 packs and 15 cards per pack.

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