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Originally Posted by mhuhn23 View Post
In #8 the very last page is a shot of "Kapitan Haken" with some of his goons. From what I understand #3 Haken makes an appearance but has both hands. I can't confirm it (I have the TPB on the way so I can read it). So #8 has a quick cameo of his hook hand on the last page leading into #9. In # 9according to Kurtis Wiebe said we will find out how it happened. Basically an origin story on how Haken got his Hook hand.

Anybody with more info correct me if I'm wrong but that is my understanding.
kurtis wiebe dropped some knowledge the other day and said that #8 is the first appearance of captain hook.

Not sure what the market will decide (see Hulk 180 vs 181), but the creator says #8 is it.
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