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Originally Posted by cdub6238 View Post
Havent bowled in a league in like 6-7 years. When i did, i started off with 1 of the cheaper start up kits (bag, ball, shoes) for like $150.

Ive never really been a fan of using all fingers, so decided to try "tips". Still i only use 2 fingers to this day.

Also for whatever reason once i started getting "serious" with my own equipment...i decided to use reverse spin. It looks awkward for the most part, but was effective for me. Especially since i could bowl "both ways" to pick up spares when needed.

Unfortunately i didnt bowl for so long, i kinda forgot i had my own equipment..ended up leaving it in my trunk during the winter...not good lol

my 4 year old daughter seems to love to bowl, so was thinking about picking up another starter kit with tax $$
The only thing bad about throwing a back up ball is that it is exremely bad for your wrist. I remember trying to do it last year with 2 hands and ended up breaking my finger lol.
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