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Originally Posted by allheart View Post
Not really asking peoples thoughts on it just i was surprised and notifying at how much it was selling for on eBay since S2 has a wardrobe/auto and wasn't as high of a price. I purchased one for $150 locally for my pc and now have an extra since I pulled one out of a box. I know certain cards are hard to come by or purchase. I'm not looking to make more money off a card than what I paid. I just want to finish off my collection or even trading for cards that I need.
hey you are not making no sense if you can sell nina auto and make about 500 then why would you trade it? if you can use the money ($500)for the cards you need or want. plus you said you got Candice Accola for 22 buck hahaha i never knew she was that cheap in the first place and you said recently purchased, seriously recently the prices been sky rocket unless you talking about around feb 2012 that was about 1 year ago. NO disrespect here just saying the truth.

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