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Looking back at the full case breaks for seasons 1/2 at the NSU board main cast autos (A1-A5) came in at just shy of 2 per case

1- A2, A3
2- A1, A4
3- A1, A2, A4
4- A3
5- A1, A2
6- A1, A2
7- A2, A3
8- A4
9- A1, A2, A3
10- A4
11- A2, A5
12 and 13 combined- A1, A2, A4(X2)
14- A1, A3
15- A1, A3
16- A3

So 16 cases and 30 main cast autos.

Cryptozoic raised the number of boxes from 6000 to 7000 for this release, but they increased main cast autos from 5 to 7. Unless the signers are literally signing half as many autos this time it should be more than 1 per case.

Cryptozoic is probably covering their butts by just guaranteeing 1 per case, while the reality might well be 1.5-2 per case. At least the list of non main cast members is bigger and better this time around, I'll definitely be hunting down a Danica McKellar.
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