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Originally Posted by pastmyshades View Post
It is confirmed guys, we won the $1000 gift card. I'm going to go through BO tonight and come up with a bunch of different options for us to break. Please feel free to make any suggestions whether it be a case or single box. I want to get a nice mix of quality and quantity since we did pretty poorly on the certified case.

And to reiterate how the draft is going to work...

Each member that joined the break including myself will get 1 spot. If you purchased 2 or 3 slots in the break you still only get one spot for the gift card draft. Our draft list will be in alphabetical order before the random. We will then proceed to do a snake hit draft. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Sounds Good A mix of products would be awesome... ill keep a lookout for your options I see where someone said 2012 Contenders
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