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Default Trying to identify the "it" factor in top level sketch cards.

Originally Posted by ashelton
Other artists tend to rate my work much higher than collectors (hence my participation on most artist-run premium sets but low collectability in them). What I draw from this is that my work is technically sound (enough) but lacks the “it” factor.
That is a fabulous quote from Amber Shelton, one of the sketch artists on Cryptozoic's Batman The Legend set. She hit the nail on the head by describing the quality of top level sketch cards as having the "it" factor. I am hoping we can have a productive discussion that can help to identify what that "it" factor could be.

This is surely a difficult thing to discuss, since feelings could be hurt. That is not my intention, at all. I love this hobby, and it brings a great deal of joy to my life. I started my sketchcardsaloon blog to help these amazing miniature masterpieces get more exposure, and I love talking about these things. It is my sincere wish that we can have a fun discussion about the best that the sketch card genre has to offer.

I will start with three cards from my collection by three of the top artists in the industry. I will attempt to identifty the qualities that make the work of these three artists so valuable on the open market. I will be completely open to comments, critiques, and conversation. Please feel free to disagree, please feel free to add your own opinions, and please add more cards to the thread with your own commentaries.

Thanks, this could be a blast!
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