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That is Axebone. His style is very modern, verging on a cross between graffiti and anime, yet strong and confident and detailed. His line and shading and colors are as bold as it gets. He has an original sense of imagery that is immediately identifiable and consistent. His cards are fun and cartoony, yet highly skilled and unique.

This is Melike Acar. She burst onto the sketch card scene like a hurricane, bringing an absurd amount of detail and an extremely refined style. Her lines create a sort of geometric language that are unlike any others in the industry, and her angular style creates an otherworldy sense of stylish edginess. Her work is incredibly sharp, in a multitude of ways.

Nar! Yes, that is Nar! He brings a depth of detail that seems impossible, and he packs it into these tiny pieces of cardboard like a boss. He has kept the insane amplification of the 90's Spawn aesthetic alive into modern times, while giving it his own undeniable personal touch. He puts his heart and soul into each piece with extreme confidence and care, and it shows in the exquisite line and incredible intensity.

Above all, I see a purity and confidence in these three cards that makes them come alive in my eyes. I don't know if that helps to identify the "it" factor that makes them worth big money, but that's why I love them so much.
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