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Default My response to an ebay buyers wanting to return a card during the Super Bowl...

More reading pleasure in case you were still on the fence re: ebay...

Ebay buyer with 150 or so feedback bought a Kaepernick rookie year card from me for a very healthy price after the SF-GB divisional playoff. Card was delivered on Jan 25. About halftime of the Super Bowl (about 10 days later), he sends me this:

Hello edwardhou1

I decided I want to return the item. Can I get the return address please.



I respond thusly:


Thanks for contacting me. I show this card as delivered to you on Jan 25, which allowed almost 1.5 weeks to come back with me any legitimate card issues. Although I can sympathize that there may be some buyers remorse buying this card given the SF 49ers loss in the Super Bowl, I believe it is very unethical to ask to return this card now as trading cards by their nature go up and down in value and return policy on cards does not usually cover buyers remorse. Please reconsider this return request. If you still believe strongly that you should be able to return this, I will review this matter with ebay/paypal customer service to ascertain possible return-policy abuse before proceeding. Thank you, Edward

this type of stuff really peeves me when it relates to sports cards. I've been on the precipice of getting off ebay once and for all, and this transaction might be the final straw.
I realize this is nothing new, so thanks for letting me vent...Ed
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