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Originally Posted by Igman7 View Post
For somewhat similar art and wildly different prices, how about a Tan VS Fabul comparison?
That was my first thought as well. Could also be Katie Cook contrasted with one of the recent Chibi styles.

I am thinking it might not be a good idea, maybe I will just speak in generalities instead of individual artists. I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Usually there are some simple factors.

More detail is usually worth more money.

A distinctive unique style is important.

Pleasing proportion helps, even when it is exaggerated.

Drawing skill that is confident and accomplished stands out above the average.

Supply and demand take over when a major collector or two decide to collect a certain artist, and if all the above factors combine with a high demand from the collectors with deep pockets the artist becomes sort of a celebrity in the hobby and values stay high.

Those things are true for any individual example, in my humble opinion.
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