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Originally Posted by ashelton View Post
I wasn't going to do this thread, but doesn't this actually contradict the "it" factor? It's my understanding that "it" is something responsible for collectors fighting over art (in this case) and the whole pseudo-celebrity bit, not something created by those things.
It is a combination that cannot be perfectly explained, of course, and all of the factors work together.

The celebrity value, when it doesn't come from being an established comic book professional, happens in response to the highly skilled and uniquely styled cards.

Then the celebrity value (along with supply and demand) takes on a life of its own and keeps the values high.

Eventually values drop when supply exceeds demand. There have been a few cases lately where the values drop rather quickly.

The "it" factor, in my humble opinion, is a strange unpredictable thing that is mainly based on skill and execution of the art but includes a good deal of market manipulation by the collectors.
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