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Originally Posted by japes3 View Post
To a degree, I know what kind, just have no cluse what I need on memory or ram and everything, wasn't sure what to get.

I see the fdifference in price between 450 and 750. So I assume there are a lot of differences, I am not so fluent in computers to know what I need and do not need really.

Thats my problem.
well for what you intend on using it for, memory and ram are the two things you want to look at. and honestly, you really won't see a HUGE difference between the $450 and $750 one unless you beat the hell out of them when it comes to use and the amount of storage you use on them. know what I mean?

laptops in general are getting cheaper and cheaper. go with the $450 one if you want, you'll be satisfied with it.
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