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Originally Posted by ifish73 View Post
Let me add to some of the positive remarks. I always search on ebay for some of the sets I may be interested in collecting and came across this sketch a while back

DC Comics New 52 Amber Shelton Sketch Card | eBay

In my opinion Cryptozoic really messed up by having such a large part of the front of the card covered by that bar. Most of the artists either colored over it or stopped at it. You actually made it part of the sketch by having her straddle the bar. That was a very nice touch and required some additional insight that a lot of the other artists missed on. Take a negative and make it a positive. Good job!
Thank you! Honestly, I'm not known for thinking very far outside the box so I was surprised no one else that I've seen played much with the bar. Admittedly, I was added to the set late as a replacement artist and we already had permission to color over it, but even so... I actually had a LOT of fun figuring out the different things I could do to the bar - leave it, delete it, use it, extend it, incorporate it.

Sorry, guys, I didn't mean to hijack your thread
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