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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Instead of looking at it from a negative aspect, try looking at it from a overall experience aspect of investing in yourself for enjoyment with what little time you have for pleasure?

A BMW M3 is much more expensive than a Honda Civic. Does that make the BMW M3 a waste of money?

UD Exquisite is much more expensive than Topps Chrome. Does that make exquisite a waste of money? I mean you get an auto from chrome just like you do from exquisite.

WHen you take out quality and reliability out of the equation, everything is the same. While you're at it, why not buy a 10yrs 8lb laptop with Windows 3.1 on it? Its the same thing as buying a brand new PC laptop today!!!! Itll do the exact same thing for $50. Surf the net, copy cut and paste and open up MS office. You dont even need a new laptop, you can do it with a 10yr old laptop as well.
OK, we get it, YOU enjoy using your Mac. That does not mean that everybody finds Macs more enjoyable to use than PCs...just that you do. (and yes, I understand someone took a jab at Macs first).

Your argument is a little disingenuous, you couldnt buy a laptop 10 years ago that ran windows would have been XP or Vista (and if it was Vista, I understand why you went Mac, I skipped that whole debacle). Really though, my son was using a P4 desktop with 768mb of RAM, a 256mb graphics card and 80gb hard drive for surfing the web and watching youtube videos. That computer was older than he is (almost 11), was heavily used by me before I bought my $400 laptop and it never had a problem...ever.

Seriously, the 'reliability' argument doesnt fly. Those I know with Macs have as many problems as those I know with PC's (the difference is those with Macs pay at the Apple store to get it fixed while those with PCs call me) and those who know what they are doing dont have any problems on either side of things. And btw, some would argue that the Civic is more reliable than the M3 so you might want to refine that point too...
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